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Our Client Experience

Shawn Sassoones

Sassoones Law Group

"It’s taken my practice from a one attorney, one practice area law firm to multiple attorneys, multiple practice areas serving all of California..."

Brendan Galagher

Personal Injury Attorney

“as personal injury attorney with a high case load. It’s very important that we streamline most of our operations and that’s were Tommy and his company(accident assist) have come in and helped us…“

Jamir Davis

J. Davis Law firm

"Hameed and legal soft solutions were a tremendous resource they made sure I have clientele to sustain me. They also did a wonderful job of partnering me with other law firms to make sure I had capacity…"

David Cienfuegos

Deldar Legal

 "Having this team have assisted us in making our practice run much smoother than before. The’ve assisted us with our HR department, they’ve assisted us with employee retention, assisted us with marketing and a lot of other things that are internal to a law firm’s practice…"

Corlandos Scott

Pinnacle Law Firm

"I have been working with them for almost 2 months now and I can just tell you that it has been an amazing experience… they have given me a solid game plan for growing our practice and growing my business in a way that didn’t that was possible for myself, firm, and niche that I was in…"

Bobby Termechi

Termechi Emp. Law Group

"From the inception of my firm up until now, they’ve been a huge tremendous help me. They’ve helped me with guiding me through the day-to-day of owning and operating a low firm and they’ve helped me with my staffing needs and helped me with the things that I didn’t think were possibly…"

Michael Ashoori

Immigration Lawyer

"Hameed’s been helping me with my business over the last 14 months approximately and I’ve had an absolutely amazing experience with him…"

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Sam Mollaei 

Business Lawyer for Entreps.

"I’ve been working with Hameed and his team for the last 3 year and could not be any happier the reason is, they are so far ahead of everybody else when it comes to understanding how to use technology to help law firms convert more prospects into customer…"

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Client Management & Review Collection

$10-$12 / Hour

⚖️ Responsibilities

  • Client Satisfaction Survey
  • ​Client Review Collections
  • ​Client Follow up
  • ​Creating Monthly Reports
  • ​Identifying Problematic Client and Cases​

In-Take Specialist

$10-$12 / Hour

⚖️ Responsibilities

  • Answering Incoming Calls
  • ​Calling Incoming Leads
  • ​Lead Intake and Screening
  • ​Retainer Preparation and Processing
  • ​Leads Follow Up
  • ​Document Collections
  • ​Client Tracking
  • ​Data Entry
  • ​Other Admin Services (as needed basis)

Technical Assistant

$18-$25 / Hour

⚖️ Responsibilities

  • Case Management Support
  • ​Case Management Configuration and Customization
  • ​Backup system Setup
  • ​Communication System Setup and Support
  • ​Remote Operation Management
  • ​Data Security and Privacy
  • ​Technology Evaluation and Implementation
  • ​Domain and Email Management

Legal Assistant

$10-$12 / Hour

⚖️ Responsibilities

  • Calendar Management
  • Appointment Setting
  • Client Follow up
  • ​Document Collection
  • ​Calendaring
  • Creating Practice Reports
  • ​Referrals Source Management
  • ​Client retention and Survey
  • ​Account Receivables
  • ​Medical Records Retrieval
  • ​Email Management and correspondence
  • ​Data Entry
  • ​Ordering Office Supplies
  • ​Payroll and Contractors time and payment tracking​

Case Manager

$11-$12 / Hour

⚖️ Responsibilities

  • Client Intake
  • ​Case Management System
  • ​Open Cases
  • ​Open Claims
  • ​Setup Treatment
  • ​Treatment Follow Up
  • ​Medical Records Retrieval
  • ​Case Calendaring
  • ​Correspondences
  • ​Notifications
  • ​Processing Claims
  • ​Adjuster Communications
  • ​Conflict Checks
  • ​Case Management
  • ​Case Lien Management
  • ​Lien Collections and Reporting​


$13-$15 / Hour

⚖️ Responsibilities

  • Case Review and Report
  • ​Discovery
  • Document Retrieval
  • ​Appointment Setting
  • ​Calendaring Litigation Events
  • ​Deposition Setting
  • ​Deposition Management
  • ​Mediation Setup
  • ​Mediation Coordination
  • ​Confirmations
  • ​Conflict Checking
  • ​Correspondence
  • ​Conference Setting
  • ​Medical Reviews
  • ​Case Law Research
  • ​Background Checks
  • ​Policy Review
  • ​Expert Witness Search and Coordination
  • ​Case Review Preparation and Scheduling
  • ​Contract Attorney Setup and Coordination

Client Advocacy

$10-$12 / Hour

⚖️ Responsibilities

  • Calling Clients after intake
  • ​Calling clients every month to provide monthly update
  • ​Getting voice message from a client to update cases
  • ​Collecting Client reviews
  • ​Running referrals programs
  • ​Contacting referral sources for update
  • ​Building client referral sources from designated list
  • ​Create weekly/monthly report
  • ​Follow up with all clients who have reported issues
  • ​Access to client database for updates and notes

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